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Default 2 Active F/M in 20's with American Accent Needed In Suwon ASAP, Seoul

Many Decent Kinder, Grader and Adult Job
Offers from Seoul, Gimpo, Suwon,Bundang, Gwangju-si,Bucheon, ILSAN, Namyangju, Pyeongtaek-si, Seoul Metro, Korea
*************Adult's class**************
Adult's Special #.1214-1 : 3 Active Female/Male in 20's with American Accent
Job De&srpion : Native Speakers for Adult's class
Locations : 3 min walking distance from Suwon Station
and 5 min walking distance from Ajou Univ, Suwon City
Salary: 2.1~2.2 mil won / Overtime:20,000/hr
working hours per day : 6:40AM ~11:00 AM and 6:00PM~10:00 PM as a full time
Housing Provided?: yes Single/Shared: single
Medical Shared?: 50% Year End Bonus?: yes Tax Rate %::
# of Foreign Teachers: 6 Pension?: 50%
Vacation Days per year: 5 days in the summer and 5 days in the winter

This is a 20 year old private academy in Suwon and it has 4 campuses in Suwon.

# of positions: 3 FT
Start Date: 1 Native for Dec 30th, 1 for Jan. 15th, 1 for Jan 30th

Enjoy Our Dependable Recruiting Service for Free.

################################################## ###############
Please take as many jobs as you can from our Decent Job Offers.
And there are also Immediate Jobs for teachers already in Seoul, Bundang, ILSAN, Guri, Suwon,
Incheon Busan, ChangWon, Gimhae, Masan, Pohang, Daegu below.
you can get information on each city at

Most of Starting dates for our job offers can be adjusted if you request.
And also similar jobs will be posted as new jobs every month.

I' m Ken Park with BeMy & Co..

BeMy & Co. is a recruiting company specialized in native language teachers.

We are offering new jobs every day.

You can get information on the documents to prepare for English Teaching Visa at
<<If you want to apply for any of the following positions or if you want me to find the job you will describe to me. please send me your resume with pictures and cover letter at and also for any further information.>>
Let me know exactly what kind of job you want and from what time you can work,
where and when you can start teaching in Korea.?

If you are in one of the following situations, then can apply for jobs.

1. you are currently with F2/F5/F4 Visa - starting immediately when you are free.
2. have worked more than 1 months in Korea and got a release letter and plan to transfer your E2 Visa to a new school before your contract is over
- can apply now for a job starting within 2 weeks from the end of your current contract.
3. just canceled your E2 Visa and still staying in Korea and have Apostilled Copy of College Degree Certificate or Notarized Copy by Korean Consulate for a new E2 Visa ready,
- had better apply ASAP you can get a new E2 Visa while you can stay in Korea.
4. already submitted Apostilled Degree Certificate and Criminal Background Check for the whole country before and got an E2 visa this year and quit your job earlier in Korea and left Korea within 2 months?
- can apply now witout those documents if you can submit your E2 visa application within 2 months from the departure date.

5. have Apostilled or Nationally Notarized Criminal Background Check and Apostilled Copy of College Diploma or Notarized Copy by Korean Consulate for a new E2 Visa ready and had an E2 Visa before,
- had better apply ASAP for a job starting immediately or 4 weeks later.

6. have Apostilled or Nationally Notarized Criminal Background Check and Apostilled Copy of College Diploma or Notarized Copy by Korean Consulate for a new E2 Visa ready and do not stay in Korea,

- had better apply ASAP for a job starting 4 weeks later.

Let's have an interview for one of the job offers at asap.

Let me know the available time for the phone interview or one in person.

An interview will be arranged and taken over the phone for the qualified applicants

The qualified applicants :

- ba/bs/b.ed or higher degree holder with any major.
- you must have a passport with nationality: US,Canada,NZ,Australian,South Africa,Irish,UK

Ken Park

BeMy & Co.

Cell: 82-10-8310-7375

Land Phone: 82-70-8256-7375
FAX: 82-2-6442-7375
Please check if you prepared all of your documents for E2 Visa application below.
--Documents for the E2 Visa application ----

1. copy of your passport (showing your picture)
2. Original Signed Contract (you will get from the school after the interview)
3. Self-health statements
4. Degree certificates
5. A criminal record check
6 copies of color photo (3.5cm*4.5cm) taken within 6 months.