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Default Technical Person Should I get a TESL?

Hello all,

I'm a 2011 graduate of a Multi-Media program(College Diploma) in Canada. After graduating I worked a summer position at my school doing website maintenance.

In January of 2012 I obtained a position with a Government Agricultural organization. My job here is to develop a series of online training modules, which teach farmers new production methods.

The position ends in July.I've really been enjoying managing and creating interactive tutorials. I'd like to use what I've learned so far to help teach children. Also I find the idea of traveling to exotic places very exciting.

My question is do you think TESL certificate would be worth while for someone in my position? I'd like to get a teaching position or a support position as a sort of 'e-learning specialist'. However I'm worried I will be treated as someone who just has a Highschool Diploma and a TESL since I have not completed a BA at a university.
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