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Default Re: Any good 'question tag' activities

Hi Mark,

I like this activity.

At the very beginning of the lesson I elicit and write up around 15 questions. (This is good revision of question forms too :-))These are usually questions like
- when is your birthday?
- how old are you?
- do you eat toast for breakfast?
- what car do you drive?
- how many sisters have you got?
- what time did you go to bed last night?
- where did you go last weekend?
- do you take sugar in tea?
- where are you going next weekend?
- have you seen Titanic?

Try to get a variety of tenses, as this will enhance the activity later on.

Next get the students to ask each other the questions - WITHOUT WRITING ANYTHING DOWN.

Now do your presentation on question tags and any other activities you want to do.

At the very end of the lesson - just long enough for many of the students to have forgotten the answers to the questions - get them back in the original pairs to see if they remember their partner's answers.

"You take two sugars in tea, don't you?" etc etc

Make sure the intonation goes up if they're not sure and stays flat if they are sure.

This activity usually goes down well because it's personal to them and you can also make it competitive by seeing who's got the best memory in the class.

See how it goes.
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