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Default Re: Discriminatory ESL Job Ads

Very common in China, it has become normal. The height of this was in 2008 when a middle school headmaster asked me to put up a job ad for his school for a foreign English teacher. This is what he opened his mouth and said (I swear I'm not kidding):
"I want a young female teacher between the ages of 25 - 30. She should not have your type of skin color."

In Chinese the exact words went something like this in pinyin Chinese:
"Wo yao yi ge nian ching de nushi waijiaoi. Da gai 25 - 30 sui. Bu yao ni zhe zhong pifu.'

I think the situation is a little better now, or may be I am no longer doing much teaching now, so I don't hear this very often anymore.
I must say the good thing about China is that there are some really great people who make up for the bad ones. The first time I was being hired to work in the same town, I told the director of education on the phone that I was black and if he had issues with that, we could end this job interview right now.
To my surprise the complete opposite happened. He told me I don't care about your skin color. I am looking for a teacher. I got the job and had one of the best teaching experiences in my life and got to meet some amazing people.
Although it stinks to still see 'no blacks' job ads, I must say it was always a great time saver. I never bothered asking for a job where I saw such ads.
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