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Default Re: Discriminatory ESL Job Ads

Sometimes I see it as a kind of ignorance or lack of proper education but even so, ignorance is no excuse.

It's worse when it comes from people who claim to be educators.
In my opinion, Shanghai and Beijing are the leading cities as far as racial discrimination in hiring ESL teachers is concerned and this is ironical because these two cities claim to have the most enlightened Chinese people.

Many years back, I used to think it was discrimination against black Africans because at that time I found a few ads with the lines "No Africans" or "No Black Africans"
Then a good coincidence had me teaching in a language school in Shanghai where I was witness to a really interesting situation: Two friends from Zimbabwe and South Africa (both white) were hired and another guy (Black and more qualified) from San Francisco turned down. That put an end to any doubts I had about the existence of racism here.

So if educators that we are, as well as recruiters that some of us are, made just a little effort to eradicate this kind of practice, the ignorant and the poorly educated would learn and enlighten the rest.
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