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Default Re: so vs very

Hi susan,

1.Is 'really hot' as hot as 'very hot'?

2.Is 'incredibly hot' as hot as 'extremely hot'?

3."Will you please stop pacing up and down! Sit down and relax, for heaven's sake. Why are you so nervous? (Does 'so' indicate surprise here?) It's only a dentist's appointment!"

4.A : I was so nervous before the interview. (Is it possible that 'so' here indicates surprise? Can it connote I expected I might be nervous, but not this much?)

B : You were so nervous? Why were you so nervous? (Does 'so' here in these two sentences mean 'to the degree that you describe' and indicate surprise?) You were the ideal candidate!

5.Are you free now?
T:No, I'm so busy. (Does 'so' connote surprise or anything else here?)
J:Why are you always so busy? (Does 'so' indicate surprise here? i.e. busier than I would expected)

6.Does 'so' have the meaning:to the degree that you describe/I can see in "I'm so glad you could come!"? Does it also connote any emotion?

7.A:How's your mother?
D:She's sick.
A:Is she so weak?
Can I use 'so' in 'Is she so weak?' here?

Many thanks for your kind help.

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