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Default Re: Need help on my very large tricky classes!

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Word Division - A great game for listening/reading/speaking practice. Students are each given a small piece of paper with a word written on it (again, use your leaders to help you distribute). These words make part of the sentence you are teaching. For example, if you are teaching 'What time is it?" you would have 20x 'what', 20x 'time' etc. The words are shuffled before distribution. When each student has a word-card, you will call out a sentence with one word missing, e.g. "What blahblah is it?", and all students with 'time' need to stand up and shout 'time'! then have the whole class repeat the question, or have them say each word in turn (i.e. 20 kids stand up and say "What", next 20 "Time" and so on). Then have the students swap their cards and repeat.

Hope this helps!
This looks like a game for some basic level students, primary school, perhaps?
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