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Default Re: Advertise your website on eslHQ for FREE!!!

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One question: if i become an active member and at one point of time I have advert on right side because of my posts, when my advert will be removed if i stopped to be not so active anymore?
It will be on a 7 day rolling basis:

All values are calculated for a 7 day period on a rolling basis... meaning, if you have made 1 post in the past 7 days, you qualify to be in the top 8 sites listed. If there are 8 or more other forum posters that have more posts than you, your ad will not appear. You will either have to wait or post more. Fluff posts like "Great!" or "hahaha" will not be counted.
More info:

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Second question: When it will be possible to edit profile, since i'm a new member here and I don't have access to my profile page yet?
Yes, after a few posts you will be able to edit your profile. Only members with just a couple of posts cannot edit their profile. This is to prevent spammers abusing the eslHQ community.

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