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Default Re: Classroom management (discipline)

Hello everyone,
I have read all the posts in this particular thread as I'm in need of some assistance. While there are many excellent ideas here I still have not found a solution to my problem. Although, my issue is more to do with what happens outside the classroom. I have been teaching and living in China for over a year now and I have found that behaviour issues are directly related to a lack of discipline in the home. Culturally it is quite normal for the grandparents to raise the child whilst the parents are busy working and paying for everything. The problem here is that the grandparents don't punish or instil any discipline and the parents simply don't see enough of their child to want to waste time on mini battles when they can just give them what they want and everyone is happy. Hence, I have to deal with spoilt children who are used to getting what they want when they ask for it. And, have been conditioned to believe that kicking and screaming is perfectly acceptable behaviour to get what they want. Please, understand that I don't mean to make a massive generalisation here. I do have a lot of super cool, well-behaved students. But the naughty ones are predominantly from this kind of family structure. My question is, how do I instil discipline when it is something totally alien to them outside of my classroom?
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