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Default Re: Students bored with classes

Here is a class I thought would go ok, but turned out to be a total failure.
It was supposed to be an oral English lesson on computers. First I prepared a PPT (pictures) introducing basic hardware and software, followed by short mention of some most famous computers in movies (ex. Hal 2000, Matrix, Her- with video clips- something they proved to be totally uninterested in) and then followed by a game where the students were given a piece of paper with one computer term and some words they were supposed to use while describing it (for ex. KEYBOARD; text, computer, keys...actually it should have been a taboo game- for ex, while trying to describe a keyboard, these words shouldn't have been mentioned, but that' d have been too difficult for the students) They did try to do the task, although at first they were trying to use their dictionaries. And these are clever students, the chosen ones.

Can you pls explain the reason for such a lesson failure?

PS. their age is 17
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