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Red face Re: difficult child

Kids can be difficult to handle sometimes at this age, especially if they lose track of their limits. It is very important to reward their good behavior, but at the same time the kid has to be able to understand what his limits are and what the consequences of his misbehavior can be.
When it's an occasional thing, just talking directly to him, by using a calm tone but sounding serious and by getting on your knees so you are at the same eye level as he is, can be way more effective.
Also, when the misbehavior persists, removing some privileges can make the kid aware that he has misbehaved, but it's very important that those privileges are only taken for a short time (30 minutes or a couple of hours is enough) and that he understands the relation as to why they are taken away. Otherwise, when privileges are taken for days or weeks at a time, the kid tends to forget the reason why they got taken away in the first place.
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