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Default Can you use the simple present or simple future for participial phrases?

I have read a lot of sentences with participial phrases which all use the simple past. I am going to write down some sentences from the website,
(1) Shivering, the couple ran out of the rain and into the house.
(2) Sweeping across the night sky, the bats hunted their prey.
(3) Quickly checking over his answers, Patrick handed in his test just before time ran out.
(4) Excited about dinner, Henry ran the whole way home.
(5) Frightened by the loud fireworks, the dog hid under the couch.
(6) Injured during the soccer match, Marco had to leave the field.

I heard from some native English speakers that you could use the simple present and the simple future as well.
I would like to make up several sentences with these tenses.

(A) Reading his past diary, he recalls the special moments he had with his best childhood friend.
(B) Running down the street at high speed, Jill will catch the next bus on time.
(C) Bumping into his enemy in the park, he punches him instantly.

(D) Impressed with his student's talent, the teacher considers giving her an award.
(E) Surprised by his son's misbehavior, the father will punish him.
(F) Frustrated by his failing grade in math, Tom throws a rock at his teacher.

Are my sentences (A) to (F) totally wrong? I really don't know how to make up sentences with participial phrases in the simple present and the simple future. Please show me how to do it. Thank you very much.
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