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Default Where are my grammar mistakes?

A few days ago, I made up some sentences and asked my native English speaking neighbour to check my grammar. He said that there were a few mistakes, but he did not explain what I did wrong. I am going to put them down next.

(ex) My tutoring company has decided to start a marketing team to increase our social media presence, and our first step is to create a Facebook page. Part of our plan on the Facebook page is to introduce our tutors; brief tutor introductions can enhance the center's personality while further strengthening our established credibility. We will be making cartoon images of everyone to cater to those who are uncomfortable with their pictures being on the Internet. In the next week or two, the marketing team will be taking pictures of everyone to transform into cartoons.

I like to make up sentences to practice my English grammar. I really cannot find any grammar mistakes in my sentences above. Please explain what I did wrong. Thank you very much for your help.
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