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Smile Re: Ideas for 7 yr old, 3 hr lessons 5x a week

Best thing is just to relax and take it slow. If you don't know his mother tongue just play some simple games with him. Building things with lego or colored blocks is a good place to start.
As you build things just start talking to yourself and the child will start to listen.
Most children can pick up the numbers 1-10 easily and a few basic colors. SO you just say to yourself "oh i need to red blocks to build the wall" but make sure the child hears you. Then when u get the red blocks repeat "o i have 2 red blocks" and then when u construct the wall say " I am building the wall with two red blocks."
Repeat the process with different colored blocks and numbers and eventually the child will start to comprehend. You can say "o where is the green block?' And the child will start to help you and start speaking.
Just repeat the same process for all the actions you do when with the child and then the English will start to kick in.
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