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Default Re: Please help. Grammar questions.

Neither is very natural. You would say :

She still loves fishing even though she has never caught a fish.

a) "even though" introduces a fact, whereas "even if" introduces a hypothetical possibility. Compare :
I'm going out for a long walk, even though it's raining. (the rain is a fact - she knows it's raining at the moment).
I'm going for a long walk tomorrow even if it's raining. (rain tomorrow is just a hypothetical possibility).

b) the verb form : the present perfect is used to express talk about past to present time. Here the concept is: from the time she started fishing up to now. The past simple is used for a specific past time : She went fishing yesterday but she didn't catch anything.

Alternatively you could say :

She still goes fishing even though she never catches anything.

This means you are talking about a "permanent"situation - something you consider to be always true. It has always been like that in the past and you imagine it will continue to be like that in the future.
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