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Good Morning!

I am currently in a structured English Immersion class that requires that I complete an interview with an ESL/ELL teacher and then write a short paper about it. I have been unable to find someone in my area to complete the interview with. Would anyone be willing to answer any 10 of the following questions so that I can complete my assignment? Your assistance is so greatly appreciated!

1. What is your background working with English learner (EL) students?

2. What is the demographic makeup of your class? How many EL students do you have in your classroom, and what are their English proficiency levels?

3. How do you determine which English Language Proficiency Standards to focus on in your classroom?

4. What specific EL training(s) have you received?

5. What Structured English Immersion (SEI) strategies do you use in your classroom?

6. Do you use a thematic approach for your instruction? If so, how does that benefit your EL students in learning different content areas?

7. Do you have an adopted curriculum that you use for your EL students? Please explain.

8. How do you adapt your regular curriculum to meet the needs of your EL students?

9. What are specific ways to integrate building background and comprehensible input into your class?

10. How do you ensure your EL students are engaged in lessons?

11. How do you adapt classroom assessments for your EL students?

12. How do you determine if your EL students are understanding a concept you are teaching?

13. What type of feedback do you provide to your EL students?

14. What types of grouping techniques or cooperative learning activities do you use in your classroom? How are these beneficial for your EL students?

15. What process do you use to reflect on your daily lessons and use to adjust teaching based on student needs?

16. How do you communicate with the families of your EL students?

17. What are some ways that you and your school provide a strong home/school connection?

18. How do you integrate technology in your classroom? Which technology resources do you use with your EL students?

19. What is the most rewarding part of teaching EL students? What is the most challenging part?

Thank you again for your time!
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