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Question Are you sure you really want to get to know me?!

Since this is my second time ever in a forum, you´ll have to bear with me. I just started teaching a couple of months ago, too...

1. If you could teach ESL anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Perhaps Japan. I love the way they have been able to mix the best of the western world with their ancient culture.

2. What's your favorite drink between classes?
It just has to be plain water. If I drink anything else like coffee or say a margarita, I would be either too hyper (and unable to think straight) or "groovy" (unable to walk straight).

3. Funniest/Worst ESL classroom moment?
My funniest yet has to be when I was not exactly teaching, but babysitting some nephews of mine in the US some ten years ago. I am born-and-raised mexican, and everyday after dinner Austin, a pre-schooler and Garret, a kindergartener, and me would talk about their day at school and how things happened in México as opposed to the States. I would always make a comment like "did you know in México we do this and that?" And emphasizing how different things were. One day, Austin told me he had been learning about where various animals came from and I would ask questions to reinforce his knowledge such as where do dinosaurs come from, "an egg" he would answer, where do calves come from, "the cow´s tummy," he´d say. He was a very analytical 5-year-old boy, who took everything so seriously and believed pretty much everything the adults said, contrary to his 4-year-old brother, Garrett. Nevertheless, I proceeded to tell him that if he knew that I had once been an "egg," (referring of course to the moment right before conception). To make a long story short (it was about time!), we went back and forth for a while; him telling me it was not possible, and showing real concern and worry since his learning structure had been questioned for the teacher had taught him that "humans are mammals," and me insisting it was indeed true. All of the sudden Garrett -probably tired of our discussion, and who had been distracted doing something else, just told him reassuringly "Don´t worry Austin, maybe in México it´s different..."
4. How do you usually spend your day(s) off?
If I am not teaching or translating, I would definitely just be watching lots of TV or DVD movies.
5. If Hollywood were making a movie about you, who would play you?
A while ago, people told me I resembled Demi Moore. Who am I to contradict them, hahaha.

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