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Default Re: Games for 5-9 year olds in large groups (20+)

Quote anniesensei
I really love your games. It's very useful in my case too. I'm just wond'ring if u can give me some ideas for shopping theme suitabe for 4th to 6th graders??? I would really appreciate it if you can help me with this. Thank you so much in advance.
Give them things to sell. But tell them they can't show each other what they have for sale. (Flashcards work wonders here.) Students must collect two pairs to finish. I generally have 2-3 losing cards (they have no match.)

Students go around buying and selling the cards they don't need.

You need:
- some play money. print of some from here if you don't have any
- 2 pairs of cards (4cards) for each student + 2-3 more pairs

The activity:
- give each student 4 cards and $15
- explain that they must get two pairs to finish the game.
- they can sell items for $1-$10
- they can have at most 5 cards at any one time
- they must sell any requested item.
- They can't show the buyer the item (you buy blind.)

That's it!

Let the students go around and use shopping language.

A: Could I see you cards?
B: Sure. (B lays his cards on the table face down.)
A: How much is this one?
B: Oh. it's $5.
A: Great! I'll take it.

If B doesn't want the requested card, he'll put a low price on the item. If he doesn't want to lose the card, he might put a high price on the item. Normally, you wouldn't think others would buy a $10 item, but they love to try and break up a friend's pair.

For larger classes you can have students work in pairs - 4 cards for one team of two people.

I generally have them play rock-paper-scissors. The winner is the buyer. So if they win at rock-paper-scissors and they already have 5 cards, they can't buy anything, BUT they still have to do the dialogue till the end. So, people with 5 cards actually have to try to lose at janken and really need to sell something. If you have advanced classes you can start teaching them to bargain with a person with 5 cards.

Does that make sense?
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