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Nick Burke Jan 25th, 2012 11:50 am

Top 5 Countries Welcoming English Teachers
Teaching English abroad is an attractive career option for educators that want to travel and to share their passion for the English language with others. But what places are most welcoming of teachers looking to teach students English? What countries will facilitate your entry into the country so that you can educate their students? Which ones offer the best benefits both in and out of the classroom? Here are the top five countries that are actively soliciting English teachers for their students.

Czech Republic
Beautiful locations and an ease of entry make this a preferred location for English teachers to teach abroad. Prague in particular has a high demand for English teachers to come and educate their students on United States language and culture and the location presents a prime location for teachers with travel on the mind that want to explore Europe when they're not teaching students about English.

South Korea
Airfare, housing, insurance, and good wages are all perks that South Korea is using to entice quality English teachers to come and teach their students the language. With contracts usually only lasting one year it's a great option for students out of college that are looking to travel before settling in to one location. South Korea's location also makes it a prime starting point for anybody looking to travel in Asia when they're not teaching.

Mexico requires a bit more experience than many other countries, wanting a degree and certification from those it allows to teach English to their students. That being said, if qualified the jobs are plentiful in Mexico and being close to the United States when coupled with the weather and vacation opportunities makes it a popular destination for those looking to teach in another country.


Good salary, living arrangements, visa sponsorship, and even airfare can all be included in the packages offered to teachers that come to China to teach English. While it's a bit more difficult to enter into than other countries, if you're coming to teach your application for entry can be expedited given the high demand for qualified English teachers within the country. Cities like Beijing can offer numerous teaching opportunities as well as being cultural hubs that offer an amazing dining and night life experience to enjoy during your off hours.

Asian countries are practically begging for qualified English teachers, and Japan is no exception. Apartments, competitive salary, insurance, and year round searching means it's never a bad time to look at teaching in Japan if teaching outside the United States appeals to you. The country will help with your visa sponsorship which can expedite the process of you entering the country for the extended period of time you'll need while teaching. In addition, Japan offers good opportunities for travel both within the country and to the surrounding areas.

Just to Name a Few
This is by no means an exhaustive list, and just because a country that you'd like to teach in isn't on this list doesn't mean that they aren't accepting teachers.

Nick Burke is a freelance writer with many friends who travel abroad to teach. He is considering obtaining his masters in teaching so that he can do the same.

uscollegeranking Jan 31st, 2012 08:47 pm

Re: Top 5 Countries Welcoming English Teachers
This is such a good article, I was actually bit of surprised that Czech Republic was one of the top 5 countries. Good info.

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