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PLATO® Reading Strategies

At the core of the PLATO Learning® reading solution is instruction on cognitive strategies for reading comprehension, taught at three levels in four curricula. Supporting this core is instruction on specific reading skills and vocabulary, taught in two curricula. The strategies taught include inferential strategies for vocabulary and passage comprehension, as well as detailed strategies for reading in the content areas and reading document types commonly found in workplace settings. Additionally, the PLATO Learning® reading solution includes direct instruction in pre-reading vocabulary, study skills, and test-taking skills. Extensive audio and supplement support is especially helpful to less advanced readers, including ESL learners and those with learning disabilities.

Reading Courseware Modules:

Essential Reading Strategies
Fundamental Reading Strategies
Intermediate Reading Strategies
Advanced Reading Strategies

PLATO® Writing Process and Practice

Reflecting the latest research in composition, theory, and practice, these comprehensive writing curricula provide students learning opportunities to acquire a set of writing strategies, as well as grammar mastery. Emphasis is placed on teaching grammar and mechanics in context, with a focus on usage rather than on terminology, while teaching writing as a process that is flexible, adaptable and nonlinear - a method that reflects a real-world writing experience.

Writing Courseware Modules:

Essential Writing Process and Practice
Fundamental Writing Process and Practice
Intermediate Writing Process and Practice
Advanced Writing Process and Practice

Certificate of Mastery

Upon completion of each sub-module, a user must request for a Certificate of Mastery of the sub-module online. Once a request is received, such records will be subject for verification and validation before issuing the certificate. After the verification process, a downloadable PDF version of certificate will be available on the user access site.


How can I access the online learning courseware?

The enrollment process is very easy. First, you must create a user account. Then, purchase a kit from our authorized distributor. This is a reloadable electronic starter kit. Your kit already includes an initial access to one (1) courseware at a time that expires within thirty (30) days of activation.

Can I share my account with my family/friends?

No, each user must have his or her own account to access the online courseware.

How long is the validity of my Career start kit?

Upon activation of your initial kit, the account is valid lifetime meaning it allows you to reload your kit anytime. However, the reload is good for 30 days only once activated.

What should I do to extend my access to my courseware after 30 days?

By "reloading" your account, you can have additional 30 day access to one (1) online courseware at a time.

What is a "reload" and how can I do that?

If you wish to extend or continue your access to the online courseware, you can "reload" your account to have additional thirty (30) day of access. You must purchase an electronic reload from your distributor. A "reload" button will appear in your account page that you can easily activate anytime. By reloading your account, you can continue your access to your courseware until you finish all the modules and will allow you to store your records. However, all progress reports of inactive accounts will be deleted after 60 days, except those that were already mastered.

Can I enroll online without having to contact a distributor?

We regret to inform you that all our online courseware are exclusively available through our authorized distributors as of the moment.

Can I access this online courseware from any computer?

Yes, you can access our online courseware from any computer provided that is connected to a broadband or DSL internet and multi-media ready computer set and it runs in both PC/Windows and Macs platforms.



Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP SP2 Home or Pro Edition, Windows Vista
1 GHz Processor of faster
256 MB RAM or more
Sound card aNd headset (required only if running PLATO audio courseware)
128 kbps or faster internet connection
Internet Explorer 6.0 with Service Pack 1 or higher, Netscape 7.1

NOTE: Netscape 8 is not supported at this time


Mac OS 10.1 or higher
G4, G5 Processor
256 MB RAM or more
Sound card and headset (required only if running PLATO audio courseware)
128 kbps or faster internet connection
Netscape 7.2, Safari 1.3.2 or higher

How are lessons presented in the online courseware?

Lessons are presented in a self-paced and interactive format. Using the latest technology in education, learners will be engaged in each lesson. The courseware contains progressive lessons that are grouped in modules. In each lesson (assignment), it begins with tutorial where it introduces and teaches the concept (not scored). An application and practice set (scored) is provided to reinforce the concepts covered in the tutorial. Finally, a mastery test will assess the mastery of the concepts (scored). All scores are then recorded per student per lesson to track their progress which can be saved or printed for future reference. The main objective of the courseware is to allow the user (or student) to demonstrate mastery of the concepts in the lessons.

Can I change my current courseware to a new courseware?

Yes, you may change your courseware at anytime within your 30-days of an active account free of charge. Application is available online and activation of your new courseware will take place within 48 hours upon application. Your records and progress reports from your previous courseware will be kept as long as you have an active account in case you wish to continue such courseware in the future. However, all records will be purged after sixty (60) days if you fail to "reload" your account except those that have already been mastered. But while it is possible to change your access to another courseware, we highly recommend that you master a courseware first before you shift to a new one to maximize the benefits of the courseware, save access time and qualify for certificate/s of mastery.

Can I enroll multiple coursewares simultaneously?

Yes. All you need to do is to purchase a reload and apply it to the additional courseware of your choice. Such courseware will be activated and ready for access within 30 days upon activation. By multiple enrolments, you can go to a courseware anytime without having to apply for change of courseware.

Who can use the courseware?

All who would like to learn and at any age can use the courseware. Its adaptive and self-paced approach are very well suited for students, professionals, executives or any individual who want to accelerate and improve their skills and knowledge in English and other academic subjects.




+63 921 3028152


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