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EngliPatrick Jun 8th, 2008 10:23 pm

Another infinitive question
My head is spinning trying to get my mind around the infinitives taught in the local English textbooks in JHS in Japan and was wondering if someone could help me out, AND maybe explain the logic into why they break up the infinitives and teach them in different grade textbooks instead of all together?

-- "I use a computer to play games."
-- "I want to find some e-pals."

-- "I have a lot of work to do."
-- "We are glad to have a chance."

I have an idea of how the infinitives are being used in these sentences but I'm not quite confident. Coupled with the fact that I can't understand why they are split and taught in different grades, makes it even more confusing for me.

clivehawkins Jun 9th, 2008 04:14 am

Re: Another infinitive question
Hi there,
I'm afraid I can't help with the grades thing, but I can explain a couple of the infinitives used in your examples.

"I use a computer to play games." - this is an example of the infinitive of purpose ie to say why you do something. eg I went to Spain (why?) to see a bullfight, I listen to audiobooks (why?) to improve my English.

"I want to find some e-pals." here 'want' is an example of one of the verbs that takes the infinitive. Other examples are would like, need, hope, plan, decide. There are quite a few!

"We are glad to have a chance." - this is the infinitive used after adjectives. Other examples, pleased to meet you, I'm upset to hear . . . ., She was delighted to see you, It's easy to make a mistake, etc.

As for the final example you give, I'm sorry to say (infinitive after adjective :-) ) that I can't think of the reason why it's infinitive.
In any case, hope that helps. have a good day.

EngliPatrick Jun 9th, 2008 07:14 am

Re: Another infinitive question

I don't know what's more frustrating, dealing with grammar points that are quite similar or trying to figure out the logic and reasoning behind why textbooks decide to teach certain grammar points at certain parts of language acquisition.

Thanks, Clive!

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