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Denis DNT Jan 11th, 2009 02:04 am

A Chain Riddle for Kids!
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It's a new game I made up last year.
At first it was a little hard for my kids.
But soon they got used to it.
Now they make their own Chain Riddles far better than I did.
Their vocabulary is growing wild. They comb the dictionary everyday in search for new words because I recently set a Chain Riddle contest and the finals will be coming up in February.

The instructions are easy to understand but you can modify the rules of the game to suit the context of your class.

This is a chain-riddle game meaning that the questions from 1 Ė 10 are all connected; you have to follow the order. If you donít answer number 1 you are likely not to answer number 2. Each riddle has five hints representing five points. If a student guesses a right answer after the first hint, the student gets 5points, after the second hint = 4points, after the third hint = 3points, after the fourth hint = 2points and after the fifth hint = 1point.
Draw a table on the board with boxes representing each student. The student with the highest points wins the game. Have fun!
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wipra Feb 1st, 2011 10:45 am

Re: A Chain Riddle for Kids!
is there any answer key fir this riddle?

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