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SleepyLP Nov 10th, 2006 05:14 am

Does anyone know good games for outside or in the gym?
Hello, everyone.

I have another lesson tomorrow that I would like some ideas for. I have a normal class of 6-8 first graders that I teach on Saturdays. We usually have class in a community center, but we couldn't book a room for whatever reason and are going ot have the class outside tomorrow. Do you know any good games for outdoor activiites?

Tomorrow I was thinking about giving the "What time is it Mr. Wolf?" from a try. I haven't taught them time, but I thought it could be a fun since we'll be outside.

Also if it's possible (not too windy), I am going to put out some flashcards, either review or face clocks, and put the kids into two teams and have them run to get the flashcards.

I was also thinking that if I could think of some other games it might be fun to take some of the Junior High classes I teach into the gym or outside to play some games.

susan53 Nov 13th, 2006 06:10 am

Re: Does anyone know good games for outside or in the gym?
How about The Handkerchief Game - this is a version of a traditional Italian kids game that I've used successfully. You can use it to practise numbers, the alphabet, any lexical field (animals, toys, months, food etc etc) you like or even some structures (eg present continuous).

Divide the kids into two equal teams. Each child has a flashcard showing a number, animal, action or whatever it is you want to practise. The children stand in two parallel lines, some distance from each other, and each child has the same flashcard as the child opposite him or her. You stand in the middle holding out a handkerchief and at random call one of the words on the cards (A horse! Thirteen! She's running! or whatever). The two kids with the same card have to race to the centre and try and grab the handkerchief. The one who gets it scores a point for their team.

If you have a large class you can use four teams and have them stand around four sides of a square. If you have unequal numbers, one student can hold the handkerchief and call the word (which you cue by showing her/him a flashcard).

SleepyLP Nov 13th, 2006 07:37 am

Re: Does anyone know good games for outside or in the gym?

Thank you for the great idea! That sounds like a good game to try in the school gym. If I try it, I will definitly team up boys vs boys and girls vs girls. I can see the boys really getting into this game.

Sadly my lesson was rained out, so I didn't get to try any games. But now I'm ready for next time :cool:

musica Nov 14th, 2006 02:23 pm

Re: Does anyone know good games for outside or in the gym?
There is a running game that is great for the gym and could be modified for outside.
It is also a game that can be changed to involve different vocabulary.
I first learned it as Rainbow tag.

You line all the class up against one end wall of the gym.
You choose one student to stand in the middle of the gym facing the line of students.
Now go along the line of students and tap them on the head or shoulder assigning them a colour, red, green, yellow, orange, red, green, yellow, orange,red, green, yellow, orange, etc until all the students have a colour.
The student in the middle shouts out a colour, for instance yellow, and all the students given yellow must run to the opposite wall while the student who is 'it' tries to catch them. As they are caught they join the student in the middle of the gym and become catchers.
Sometimes the centre student may shout out 'RAINBOW' and everyone runs at the same time. Keep going till the last student is caught and they can be the new person in the middle.

I have done a variation called 'Fruit Salad' where the kids all have fruit names, eg, banana, apple, orange, peach, etc
The starter can shout out a fruit name or 'fruit salad' which mean everyone runs.

You could change it up as many ways as your imagination allows, Banker, with one cent, quarter, dollar, dime etc used or Bakery with cakes, cookies, pies and bread as the groups.
You see what I mean. Lots of fun and learning.

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