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Denis DNT May 10th, 2012 09:54 pm

Discriminatory ESL Job Ads
What's your opinion on discrimination by ESL school administrators, recruiters, job agents, etc. when publishing ESL job ads.

Here are some examples of discriminatory phrases and sentences found in ESL job ads: Very hurting to some of us.
1. Female / male teachers only please.
2. No blacks, / Whites only, / No Asians,
3. You must be from the US, UK, Canada, Australia,
4. Must not be above 40years
5. Must not be Muslim / Christian

If you are a victim of any form of discrimination shown in an ESL job ad, feel free to share your experience. We are teachers and educators and for goodness sake, this is 2012 not the 60s.

Denis DNT Aug 17th, 2012 07:43 pm

Re: Discriminatory ESL Job Ads
Here is a good example:

800RMB 4 hours foreigner server part time job offer

looking for foreigner server (male white people only) age:20-40 years-old

job description:

Ballantine‘s scotch whisky promotion 8PM-12AM(4 hours*1 time= 800RMB)total have 240 times in next 8 months (Sep,2012-May.2013)

need to go whole China(couple of days in shanghai couple of days in beijing or guangzhou someting like that)

6-8pax needed

all u need to do is serving the ballantine's whisky to our VIP

contact number:13917331709 Shingo


susan53 Aug 23rd, 2012 10:17 am

Re: Discriminatory ESL Job Ads
Great one - they've managed to be sexist, racist and ageist all in one line.

Denis DNT Aug 24th, 2012 06:35 am

Re: Discriminatory ESL Job Ads
It's so rampant here. Sometimes they include other details White + blond hair and blue eyes.

kisito Aug 28th, 2012 12:11 am

Re: Discriminatory ESL Job Ads
Very common in China, it has become normal. The height of this was in 2008 when a middle school headmaster asked me to put up a job ad for his school for a foreign English teacher. This is what he opened his mouth and said (I swear I'm not kidding):
"I want a young female teacher between the ages of 25 - 30. She should not have your type of skin color."

In Chinese the exact words went something like this in pinyin Chinese:
"Wo yao yi ge nian ching de nushi waijiaoi. Da gai 25 - 30 sui. Bu yao ni zhe zhong pifu.'

I think the situation is a little better now, or may be I am no longer doing much teaching now, so I don't hear this very often anymore.
I must say the good thing about China is that there are some really great people who make up for the bad ones. The first time I was being hired to work in the same town, I told the director of education on the phone that I was black and if he had issues with that, we could end this job interview right now.
To my surprise the complete opposite happened. He told me I don't care about your skin color. I am looking for a teacher. I got the job and had one of the best teaching experiences in my life and got to meet some amazing people.
Although it stinks to still see 'no blacks' job ads, I must say it was always a great time saver. I never bothered asking for a job where I saw such ads.

Denis DNT Aug 28th, 2012 07:55 am

Re: Discriminatory ESL Job Ads
Sometimes I see it as a kind of ignorance or lack of proper education but even so, ignorance is no excuse.

It's worse when it comes from people who claim to be educators.
In my opinion, Shanghai and Beijing are the leading cities as far as racial discrimination in hiring ESL teachers is concerned and this is ironical because these two cities claim to have the most enlightened Chinese people.

Many years back, I used to think it was discrimination against black Africans because at that time I found a few ads with the lines "No Africans" or "No Black Africans"
Then a good coincidence had me teaching in a language school in Shanghai where I was witness to a really interesting situation: Two friends from Zimbabwe and South Africa (both white) were hired and another guy (Black and more qualified) from San Francisco turned down. That put an end to any doubts I had about the existence of racism here.

So if educators that we are, as well as recruiters that some of us are, made just a little effort to eradicate this kind of practice, the ignorant and the poorly educated would learn and enlighten the rest.

Denis DNT Aug 28th, 2012 08:01 am

Re: Discriminatory ESL Job Ads
There you go again. That is even if you just wanted to sing a song you would have to be White.

1500rmb foreigner singer dancer dj part time offer

Female singer *1(foreigner white people only) can sing Adele's song(rolling in the deep, set fire to the rain ect.....)

Male singer *1(foreigner only) can sing RAP

Dancer *4 (female foreigner pertty sexy only )

Dj*1 (foreigner only)

Working hour: During 10pm-1am period

DJ: Play2 hours can play house hip hop

Singer & dancer:only do 2 shows (10-15 min each show)

Salary:1500rmb per person*1 time(singer & dancer is 2 shows,DJ 2 hours) total have 6 times

Venu: Any different city of China not only Shanghai

Date: During Oct 2012 period

If u intersted this offer want to learn more details pls send me your information:

nationality Photo*5 height weight age phone number


Denis DNT Dec 18th, 2012 02:09 am

Re: Discriminatory ESL Job Ads
One more just came in today.
Kindergarten English Teacher Needed in Anyang

We’re a kindergarten inAnyangcity,Henanprovince, there’re 4 classes in our kindergarten, we’re looking for a English teacher now, it’s a full time job


1/ the white race, female or male both ok

2/ come from developed countries, not from US orUK

3/ have 1-3 years’ English teaching experience

4/ can live and work inAnyangfor a long time

5/ like Children very much, patient with love

If you’re qualified and interested in this job, please send me your cv with picture (it’s a must), and tell me your salary requirement

Best regards


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