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kimyushin Aug 14th, 2008 09:57 pm

Good Investment ? -"Teacher Training DVD Series"

I'm planning on buying "Teacher Training DVD Series"

by International House London (IHL). But I'm still uncertain.

I had bought "How to teach English" by Jeremy Harmer

and its DVD Recording of Teachers and students in different

class situations (i.e. Giving Instructions, Reading a text, Games

etc.) boosted our teacher's training.

The DVD Recording made our teachers pick up teaching skills

and techniques faster than any training material that we had

ever used.

So I am convinced that using DVD Training Videos are one of

the best way to train teachers.

In IHLs Website, Jeremy Harmer himself recommended

the DVD Training Series.

The Price is the only challenge.

It costs 75 Pounds/ 140 American Dollars per DVD.

(excluding packing and sending)

The entire set is 15 DVDs. (750 Pounds/ 1,400 Dollars)

I have 2 Questions:

(1) Do you think this is a good investment?

I wish to hear what other ESL Professionals think about these

Training Videos, especially those who have used it.

(2) How good is the reputation of IHL?

This is the first time that I have heard of them.

International House London is a Language School/Teacher's

Training Institute. They are a member of EQUALs. I especially want to

know their reputation in the UK's ESL Industry.

Thank you so much.

You advice can help me decide.

Check out their Sites:




EnglishTeacher79 Sep 8th, 2008 09:26 am

Re: Good Investment ? -"Teacher Training DVD Series"

Wow, I just checked out the set and I think it looks awesome. I've been trying to look for sets like this. That is, actual videos of different kinds of class lessons. I think that if one really wants to improve, this is the best way - observing good teachers. See them in practice. Theory can easily be read in books, but observing class teachers is something else altogether.

I'm drooling over this series.......but it's so expensive! I mean, you have to be a school to be able to afford that. If only several individuals could chip in and share the cost of the whole series!!

michèle 2 Sep 8th, 2008 12:07 pm

Re: Good Investment ? -"Teacher Training DVD Series"
How good is the reputation of IH London?
IH group has an excellent reputation. I've been working for IH Torquay and Bath for about ten years now and their methods of teaching have met my students' expectations and some of my students are very demanding! All UK centres have been accredited by the British Council and John and Liz Soars famous for the Heaway English courses were teachers at IH !!!

Eric18 Sep 14th, 2008 01:16 am

Re: Good Investment ? -"Teacher Training DVD Series"
Are any of the video segments on YouTube yet? I've been stunned at the rich variety of excellent teaching materials there. You might also check out whether Netflix has the series - they carry an astonishing range of independent films and documentaries.

Of course, owning the series is ideal. If you really want it, just invest in the series - and yourself.

Marggie Aug 24th, 2009 03:41 am

Re: Good Investment ? -"Teacher Training DVD Series"
If your school is going to pay for the whole set, then I would not hesitate to get it. However, for an individual teacher this is a serious financial commitment.

I worked for IH and took a young learners training course through them. Part of the required observations included an IH training video with two different IH teachers teaching two different age groups.

The video was of decent technical quality and the teachers and students were real enough. The lesson / teaching content was excellent and my teaching improved from the single video, especially in relation to my staging and pacing of activities for vocabulary building and integrating all 4 skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) into the staging of a vocabulary lesson.

I am also seriously considering buying the DVD set, but 750pounds is a lot of money for a personal ELT video library, although I am sure it is worth the money.

stillmans39 Sep 20th, 2011 09:10 am

Re: Good Investment ? -"Teacher Training DVD Series"
Nope, certainly not on the strength of the 3 which I bought. Ridiculously overpriced, don't see how they can justify £75 for a 45 min DVD and some very scant and uninspiring accompanying material. The teaching is not all that good either. (No. 11 is littered with poor practice). Once again IH cashing in on its reputation. :mad:

Dave-B Oct 6th, 2011 02:20 pm

Re: Good Investment ? -"Teacher Training DVD Series"
My suggestion would be to keep in mind you need a competent teacher to actually explain the material.

You can't make new teachers watch the videos and expect them to learn. It was my understanding it is to be used by a teacher to train new teachers, not as a self-study resource.

Most of the video is watching the teacher in the lesson, and then it is followed by an interview with Harmer. There is little explanation of the teaching skills.

Or am I getting the DVDs confused? Well the ones I watched with the Harmer interviews and the IH London teachers were not for self-study.

And the videos aren't that good anyways.

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