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EmJ30 Apr 18th, 2019 08:05 pm

Lesson plan help needed - What grade and ability level is this?

I'm currently applying as an ESL teacher and am trying to write a lesson plan for my application. I am struggling however on what grade and ability level this would be. Can anyone help me?

So far, I think the main aim of my lesson will be teaching students how to talk about their ideal holiday (e.g. to a travel agent). Topics to include:
- Where they would like to go
- The different types of holiday, e.g. cruise, city break etc.
- Teaching them different holiday activities
- Different types of accommodation

I was thinking that key expressions could be:
- This year I would like to/want to go to...
- During my holiday I want to (do something)... because...

Does this sound okay? Are there any changes I can make to improve it?

Thank you very much.

susan53 Apr 30th, 2019 11:28 am

Re: Lesson plan help needed - What grade and ability level is this?
As far as level is concerned I'd suggest it would suit lower intermediate - CEFR B1 - level.

At this level they will already have met the structures and some of the vocabulary - important because you can't include too much new material in one lesson. You r objectives will therefore be :
- to reactivate and consolidate the Ls' knowledge of I want to / I'd like to + infinitive to express wants
- to reactivate and extend their knowledge of vocabulary in the fields of holidays, holiday activities and holiday accommodation.

You then need to consider :
- who are the learners? Obviously the age group will make a big difference to the type of lesson you can plan, but given the topic I imagine they are adults or older teens. But what is their first language? This will affect the type of problems they'll have with the structures and vocabulary - and these problems need to be anticipated so that you know in advance how you're going to deal with them.
- what lesson format is most suitable. As this is mostly reactivation and extension I'd suggest a Test- Teach - Test format. Google it if it's not familiar, but basically a typical TTT lesson might involve
a) asking the learners to discuss the topic in pairs and monitoring them while they do to see how well they are coping with the target language.
b) Focusing on the target language and the problems they've had with it, explaining it and then giving practice activities (remember to deal with one thing at a time - explain it, practice it and then go on to the next) .
c) Getting them to change partners and repeat the initial discussion. Again monitor and follow up on problems, but also note and emphasise how much they've improved.
That should easily take up 50-60 mins given the objectives you've set

Hope that helps and sorry I didn't answer before. For some reason the post has only just shown up for me.

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