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Bloom Feb 21st, 2018 08:30 am

The meaning of Love
A late tribute to Valentines day with an explantaion as to the different contexts of the expression "I love you"....

the menaing of love

AtlantaEI Feb 12th, 2019 04:27 pm

Re: The meaning of Love
Hi Bloom!

Interesting blog post. English can be a very tricky language to learn, especially when three words, "I love you," can have dozens of meanings. We share a lot of the same "I love you" expressions and cliches in American English. Texting has created new shortcuts for saying I love you such as "ILY", "luv u", and even just an emoji heart. English is tricky!

Happy early Valentine's Day!
- Atlanta English Institute
Atlanta English Institute AEI

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