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mika Apr 18th, 2007 10:14 pm

request for advice, new teacher.
In order to apply for a particular job i am required to submit a lesson plan for a one hour pre-int class on the present continuous. at this level, how many uses of the present continuous is it wise to deal with? eg fixed plan in the near future...trends...repeated actions which annoy the speaker? or should i just focus on the form and 'actions happening at the moment of speaking'?
thanks in anticipation. MK.

HUE Apr 18th, 2007 10:32 pm

Re: request for advice, new teacher.
If they are pre-intermediate, I would limit myself to actions happening now. In Japan, at any rate, students often have a tendency to understand how to use the present continuous, just not when to use it correctly. As such, I would:

1. Begin with 20 verbs, a mixture of which will be new words.
2. Cover grammar, and use the verbs in context of asking and answering questions.
3. Reinforce with charades, a set of pictures, etc., or any other controlled activity.
4. Move on to working the grammar and vocab into a dialogue, a role-play, or even a story. At any rate, something semi-controlled which gives the students enough freedom to play with the language.

When you start teaching too many aspects of the language, then it becomes too teacher-centered. You don't want to lecture, but instead want the students to understand the target language, and have plenty of time to practice using it.

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