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pejsata Jun 1st, 2015 12:56 am

Speak Up anyone?
Hi all,
tbh, it's not as much advertising I come to You guys with, than just a simple question about a company You might be familiar with.
You see, the thing is that just recently I've been offered to open and run a low cost franchise for an English school called Speak Up (see them here Speak Up - Home), but as a person with practically no experience in administration or investment (I'm a humble teacher of English and German currently employed in one of Poland's state high schools) I find it pretty difficult to even begin gathering info. That's why I'm turning to You guys - please let me know if you
- had any previous experience with Speak Up as an employer?
- know a quick and effective way of exploring the franchise market?
- ever ran a franchise for a language school abroad? (I'm considering Romania and Ukraine as potential targets of investment)
- are there any basic tips You could give to a starter? does my first business have a chance of becoming a successful low cost franchise if my only experience is practical teaching?
Many thanks in advance for Your replies!

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