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myvidentity Jun 10th, 2014 12:46 pm

Teaching with no textbooks
Hello fellow teacher,
This is my first post on this website and I have little experience in teaching.
I'm going to work in a language school where no textbook is suggested and the syllabus is determine by Wiki magazines.They just provide you with some framework to work on. For example, this session you have to work on X tense, y vocabulary and so on. please, help me how I can find the relevant materials including listening, reading, speaking and the like. :whistle:

Thanks in advance,

little sage Jun 18th, 2014 07:55 am

Re: Teaching with no textbooks
Try searching the ESL Games and Activities Forum. You can also sort the list by rating (just click the "Rating" link in the blue bar). Many activities can be adapted to different tenses and vocabulary. Good luck!

off2class Jun 18th, 2014 01:45 pm

Re: Teaching with no textbooks
Hey there, if you want to use a non-text based approach you can try using our lesson content. We have 85+ lesson plans designed for teachers running their own private lessons. They are loaded on to an easy to use web platform. Accounts are free and can be requested on through the contact form on our site.

Happy Teaching!


Heikezelle Aug 7th, 2014 03:13 pm

Re: Teaching with no textbooks
I can really understand that this must be a difficult situation for someone who has little experience. But I can tell you that in the country were I am living I often have made the experience that I was given a very vage framework, for example: teach the verb can or introduce into the usage of past simple. There seemed to be an endless gap before me and everything was up to me.
What you have to do is to please the school management and - the school inspectorate, because it seems to be for them that everything has to be written down in some report.
What I did:
- I planned each lesson carefully making sure that it included the syllable requirements.
- Than I went in search for material to fill in the lessons.
- As I have learnt at university and the tradition in my country says that games are a very
good way of learning, I chose to teach mostly by games. Among others I used this link:
http:// ESL Classroom Games to make teaching English easy and fun! and I found a games book for training all kinds of grammar structure, vocabulary and listening, and speaking.
Here I can give you one example for grammar:
For example: if there was 'WH- Questions in the present simple' I chose a game like: Board Game to revise question words. It is a competitive game and the class competes in teams to translate the question words. I used the activity ´Make a sentence or a question´ to compete in making whole questions. The team who is ready to say a whole question rings a bell or presses a buzz.
At the end of a lesson we played ´Snowball´ - a communicative activity where the pupils have to throw ´snow balls´ at each other´ and who was hit had to answer a question wrapped in white paper.
All activities were fun activities in which the students got very involved.
Good luck

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