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kodazer Feb 22nd, 2011 11:20 pm

Textbook advice for middle school/high school Japanese EFL
Hello, I'm currently teaching in a private English school in Japan and am looking at requesting a change of textbooks for the upcoming school year. Currently, we use the "Let's Go" series for the elementary students, which seems to be good, but they are all graduating into the Passport series. I'm personally finding the books hard to run with, as I've had a hard time expanding the situational language without basically abandoning the books altogether. It's also very much rooted in travel English, in which my students are much more focus currently on TOEIC/EIKEN right now.

I am a former GEOS employee, and I found their books for middle school students pretty good. I personally find that it's much easier to run with a book that focuses it's whole lesson on asking for permission, unlike the Passport series, which seems to dedicate one sentence to it and then overwhelms students with a million other new/unfamiliar forms and vocabulary that they seem to have a hard time with.

Any recommendations?

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