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tinyteachinthemaking Feb 23rd, 2011 06:26 am

woman's day lesson for teens
Hi all,
>I'm thinking of doing a lesson on the origins of woman's day with my teenage class.
There are simply tons of resources on the web, I still have to get my head round them all.
Has anyone done a lesson on this particular fesitivity.
Can you suggest ways I can make it involving even for teenage boys?
A tough one I know.

roja123 Feb 23rd, 2011 06:38 am

Re: woman's day lesson for teens
Does it have to be about the origins of women's day?

If not and they are an advanced class, you could do a lesson on equality and look at some examples of situations where women don't have equal rights e.g. certain countries, work situations, professions, television.

Or it could be really enjoyable to look at a couple of examples (videos, pictures, etc.) of how women's day is celebrated in different countries for a more general cultural lesson.

Or you could just do a lesson where the children discuss and present a women they admire. This would work really well as a written task too e.g. they could draw a star and in each point of the star write a sentence or just an adjective to describe why that woman deserves to feel special on women's day. You could even turn these into cards to take home.

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