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Apply for the New Year! Teach with the Biggest & Most Reliable ESL Company in Korea!
Amazing prime Seoul Locations

So you are interested in teaching English in Korea. Great! Where to start?

Start by visiting our YBM ECC (official website) @ YBM ECC Plus Recruit : Here you will learn more about the YBM program and why we are Korea’s largest ESL Corporation.

YBM: Providing unmatched job security for a worry free teaching year!

What sets instructors at YBM ECC Company owned and operated schools apart from the rest, is the FACT that YBM instructors are provided with a 100% guaranteed contract backed by the multi-hundred million dollar YBM Corporation.

Why is this important?

Never worry about your school going bankrupt and leaving your stranded.
Never worry about getting overworked, underpaid, or manipulated.
Never worry about late payments or not getting paid at all.
Never worry about unethical business practices.

Guaranteed Benefits with YBM ECC:

1. YBM provide you with a pre-paid ticket into and out of Korea. (Not reimbursement)
2. Housing within walking distance to the school, and schools in popular/prime locations.
3. Specific information about where you will live and work before you agree to a contract.
4. YBM only offers 100% exclusive and guaranteed contracts for specific locations, and dates.
5. The most reliable positions in Korea. Your salary will be paid on time and in full even if you teach less than the 26 recommended hours per week.

Select from our available positions with departure dates for Korea on YBM’s pre-paid ticket in December, January, and February


Ssangmun ECC (10-15 min walk to Changdong Station Lines 1, 4) Located in a prime Northern Seoul area: near Korea University, also known as Daehangno, where many university students hang out and shop, and near the Nowon area, which features many bars and restaurants for an excellent night scene. This is also a great location for hiking and nature enthusiasts with easy access to beautiful Dobong Mountain. Ssangmun ECC is definitely one of YBM ECC’s prime locations considering all that is has to offer. If you are looking to be in a well developed and busy area of Seoul, look no further.

Mokdong ECC (4 min walk to Omokgyo Station line 5) Mokdong ECC is located in the affluent Mokdong area of Seoul, often regarded as Korea’s premier apartment district. The school is surrounded by many restaurants, cafes, department stores, markets, and outlet stores. This area is known for its popularity, and prime hang out spots among Koreans and foreigners in Western Seoul. Instructors at Mokdong ECC also have easy and quick access to areas such as Hongdae/Sinchon.

Songpa ECC (1-2 min walk to National Police Hospital Seoul Subway Line 3 or 10 min walk to Garak Market Seoul Subway Line 8, 3) Located near Jamsil and the Olympic Park, Songpa is very popular because it is not as congested as other parts of Seoul yet it is only a few minutes from the popular Gangnam areas. Here you will have access to all the necessary amenities and more. Such as: famous restaurants, fitness centers, movie theaters and many places to relax and enjoy your free time. Songpa ECC is the perfect location for anyone looking to be south of the river with quick and direct access to Gangnam and all the hot spots it has to offer.

Banpo ECC (10-15min walk to Seoul Nation Univ. of Edu. (lines 2, 3) or Express Bus Terminal (line 3, 7, 9) stations) Banpo ECC is located near four subway lines making a great hub, by allowing easy access to the rest of Seoul. Being located in the Gangnam district anyone living here will have access to everything he or she needs/wants: Clean/safe location, great shopping (small boutiques, departments stores, malls, and the famous COEX shopping complex), and easy access to the famous Gangnam nightlife.

Cheongdam ECC (10-15 min walk to Gangnam-gu Office Station) Located in the chic and ritzy Apgujeong area famous for its stores and cafes, which is part of the affluent Gangnam belt. Cheongdam ECC is in a region that is home to many of the rich and famous, and is often referred to as the “Beverly Hills” of Korea. It is also Seoul’s premier nightlife district and is a foreigner/tourist hot spot.

***Seoul Satellite Cities***


Jookjeon ECC (10-15 min walk to Jukjeon Station Bundang Line) Located in the affluent city of Bundang, near the Bojeong subway station. Jookjeon is connected to Seoul by subway and buses that frequently go to the Gangnam area, famous for its nightlife and shopping. The areas around the school and housing both have all the amenities needed such as restaurants, bars, café, and places to shops as well as a banks and hospitals. This location also features many parks and a very clean environment. Jookjeon ECC is the perfect location for instructors looking for the best of both worlds! Truly a location that has it all. (Near Seoul & Nature)


Ilsan ECC (1 min walk from Juyeop Station line 3) Located in one of Korea's premiere suburb-like cities just north of Seoul. This area is considered Korea's Garden City for its cleanliness. Instructors working in Ilsan soon realize that Ilsan has one of Korea most well established foreign communities. This location is perfect for the instructor looking to live within arm’s reach of Seoul without having to deal with the mega city problem.

***Other Major Cities of Korea***


Daegu ECC (1 min walk to Sinmae Station line 2) Located near the Sinmae subway station, of Suseong-gu, one of Daegu’s most affluent areas. This location is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Instructors at this location also have access to all the amenities they would need such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and stores for shopping. It is an ideal choice for those who want to live in a modern city that has carefully been developed with nature in mind. Daegu is also known for its friendly foreign community being very welcoming and well established.

* Daejeon

Daejeon ECC (Walking Distance to Government Complex Station)Located within the popular and affluent Dunsan district in Daejeon. This is an area is filled with restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, stores, bars, and clubs. This school is also just a short cab ride away from another downtown district known as Eunhaeng-Dong. There you will find many trendy bars and cafes. These locations are very popular among the foreign community, and among with Korean university student. Daejeon is also considered the hub of Korea making traveling around Korea very easy and convenient.

For more information about each position visit the YBM ECC Official Website at YBM ECC Plus Recruit and click “ECC Location”

Benefits you will receive with YBM ECC; which other schools may not provide:
*RENT-FREE, furnished, single housing located within walking distance to the school.
*Competitive salary of 2.0~2.4 million won or 2.5~3.0 million won for no housing contracts
*Prepaid air tickets, from the nearest major home city of prospective teachers.
*Guaranteed contracts; upheld by the YBM Corporate Head Office in Seoul
*Relocation allowance 200,000 won
*Paid Orientation and training with our teacher trainer.
*Compliance with the Pension tax refund (Average of over $1,000 US Dollars)
*Korean National Medical Insurance
*Year-end completion bonus/severance (one extra month’s salary)
* 50% off Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Language Lessons from YBM
* Vacation days (10 Selected Days + All Korean National holidays)

How to apply for any of these positions:
-If you are ready to start your adventure please email Alex Kang (HR Coordinator) at with the information listed below

1. Your updated resume (MS word document or text file)
2. A recent digital photo of yourself (you may also send a passport scan if you wish)
3. If possible please state a desired start date and location

*Must be a Native English speaker from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or Ireland.
*A bachelor’s degree

For more information about our Company and updated information about what we can offer YOU please visit our website (YBM ECC Plus Recruit) there you will be provided with detailed information and learn more about what YOU should be getting when applying to any teaching position in Korea.

We look forward to hearing from YOU!

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