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Alistair Jun 29th, 2008 11:05 pm

Incheon is a very large city. It has a population of around 2.6m people. It is where the international airport is located. Seoul is about 40-50mins away by subway.

It is a very popular place to teach for English Native Teachers.

Only 22 classes per week. 1 elementary class = 40mins, middle & high = 50 minutes.

8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

For information, have a look here:

Incheon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Incheon Metropolitan City

Salary is between 1.8m to 2.3m won per month. Tax free if you meet certain conditions.

In addition, you will get:
• 300,000 won one-time settlement allowance
• round-trip flights
• rent-free single or shared apartment
• 14 working days paid vacation + national holidays
• medical contributions
• pension contributions
• severance payment
• 15 sick paid leave allowance
• 7 day special leave allowance
• 2 weeks additional paid vacation if you resign your contract after the first year
• Training provided, Korean co-teacher provided, 2 additional weeks paid vacation & flights provided if you sign for an additional year at the end of your contract.

To apply, simply post your application on Korean Horizons - Teach English in South Korea. Alternatively, send your resume & picture to

Once you apply for any of our positions, we will contact you to discuss your application & any question that you may have.

Tel : +82 (0) 55 274 0926 English Only
Tel : +82 (0) 55 274 0929 Korean Only
Fax : +82 (0) 55 274 0927
Email :

Korean Horizons - Teach English in South Korea
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