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YBM May 23rd, 2008 01:21 am

Busan Locations on the Beach For an ASAP Start With the Most Secure Contract
Busan Locations on the Beach For an ASAP Start With the Most Secure Contract

Busan is a bustling city of 3.65 million residents and is located on the Southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula. Busan is also know as the summer capital of Korea since it attracts Koreans and tourists from all over the world to visits its beautiful beaches.

Reasons to apply directly to YBM Education’s Head Office
1. 2.0 million won to 2.4 million won ($2050 to $2470 USD) with rent-free housing or 2.4 to 2.8 million won ($2470 to $2880 USD) No-Housing contract.
2. 26 teaching hours per week Monday to Friday with a structured curriculum
3. 4 to 10 foreign teachers at our 31 company owned schools with English speaking Korean co-teachers and English speaking Managers
4. Rent free furnished private housing near the school (bed, refrigerator, washer, gas range, TV, air conditioner, tables and chairs)
5. Prepaid “e-tickets” to Korea and return tickets upon completion of the contract
6. Full Benefits such as prepaid air, severance pay, medical insurance, pension compliance + More
7. 200,000 won Relocation allowance + 50,000 won visa fee subsidy

For end of June arrival with July 1st as the first day of teaching

Gaegeum ECC is located in the trendy and busy Seomyeon area, which considered to be downtown Busan. This is an area that is popular amongst young Koreans. There are many restaurants, clubs, and bars in this area for you to enjoy your nightlife. Our school is within walk from Naejeong Subway Station. Gaegeum ECC is one of our busier ECC schools. This is the perfect school for those who want to maximize their earnings!

Haeundae ECC is located near Jangsan Subway Station, which is an area where there are many ESL schools. This area is known to be the prime expat area of Busan because of its abundance of foreign teachers. Also, the famous Haeundae Beach is only a short bus ride away. You can spend the hot summer months basking in the sun.

Changwon ECC located in the city of Changwon with a population of 550,000. Changwon is actually a city that the Korean government modeled after Canberra, the capital of Australia. Changwon is a beautiful city with many parks and gardens. Changwon is on southern coast of Korea and is only 30 minutes away from BUSAN!

Visit Welcome to YBM Education:: and click on pictures of ECC to view these locations

To apply for the above listed branches please send the following to

Personnel Coordinator Greg Chae

1. Your updated Resume and short cover letter or cover email
2. Any digital photo of yourself
3. State the locations you would like to consider (list one or more)
4. State the time frame you are able to begin work (such as end of June, end of July etc. or both)
5. Please state if you have the required documents in order or by what date you will have them (university diploma, official transcripts, passport, police clearance)

A NATIVE English speaker with citizenship from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. A Bachelors degree or higher from the above listed countries

Do not worry if you are a first time teacher or new to the ECC program. We offer 5 full days of paid training and orientation at our Head Office from a professional teacher trainer. During this session, there will be a “Living in Korea” segment as well, to help you get adjusted to your life in a new country.

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