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FionaVB Sep 15th, 2013 10:51 pm

Vocab Review
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Vocab Review

Board Game with 15 Sentences

Target Structure
Vocab revision. Teachers should prepare lists - or have students choose their own words - of vocab (one list per student in each group, ie 2-4) of up to 15 words each.

Target Vocabulary

Toss a coin and move your marker one or two squares. Choose a word from your list. The other students must guess your word. If the others can't guess your word, go back one square until it's your turn to toss the coin again.
**Mime it: Act out the meaning.
**Yes/No: The others ask you yes/no questions.
**Lemon: Say a sentence using the word "Lemon" in place of the word you have chosen.
**Draw it: Draw it.

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