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Default time-place or place-time

I have another good question for you.

Is there a proper order for forming a sentence in regards to place and time?

One of my students asked me this question because evidently there is a proper order for what is concidered a good Japanese sentence. (In Japanese subject-time-place-verb.)

Here are the two sentences:
1. I worked in Japan for 6 years.
2. I worked for 6 years in Japan.

I told her that whichever is more important goes first or closest to the modified word.

If in an interview, the fact that I was in Japan (my Japanese proficiency) is important I would use structure 1.

If I was applying for a teaching position (my work experience is important) I would use sentence 2.

So, my answer was there is no set order that is concidered correct.

What do you think?
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