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Default Re: Help...FIRST TIME TEACHING, haven't a clue how to teach Simple Future & Continuou

Thanks for the advice Pete, the sites were helpful.

The class that I was asked to teach was part of my 'interview' process to become a teacher of English 'as a foreign' language.
Don't know that I did too well...think that I got some of my tenses a little confused. And had trouble answering some of their questions whilst remaining focused on the topic at hand.

I guess you take the grammatic structions for granted when it is your mother tongue.

As far as courses go I completely agree, but sadly with the Aussie dollar taking such a dive and everywhere falling towards 'depression' I have no finances in reserve.

I think this is the only job available to me, although I think that I will enjoy what I will get out of it personally and professionally.

Is there anything else that you can tell me about starting out as a new teacher, am really open any further advice.

Thanks again... Nikki
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