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Wink Re: Western Social Manners

Yes yes yes. I have a Chinese bf and many of the things I thought he did just showed he had bad manner but they were just cultural differences.

Do no slurp your soup or any liquid.

Americans consider the food at their house to be private and intended for their use. We do not expect many guests in our house. If you go to an American's house, usually do not ask for any food except the food provided for you or you will seem greedy. Any food not served, is not intended for guests and do not ask about it. Unless you are close friends, generally do not ask an American to share their food.

When an American makes you food, do not tell them what is wrong with it even if it is really bad or they will think you are ungrateful. Accept it and pretend you like it. Appreciate the fact that they even cooked food for you, Americans don't normally cook food for each other.

When at a restaurant the waiter will ask "Is everything ok?" frequently. This is done out of courtesy and a literal answer is not expected. Americans normally say "yes" even if they don't like the food just to be polite. Again do not tell the waiter all these things that are wrong with the food or they will be offended. Leave a tip. Usually 10-20% of the bill.

Though in China trying to put as much food in your mouth at once maybe good manners, in the West, especially Europe, that is very offensive. Use the knife to cut things up into small pieces, the smaller the better. Never try to put too much food in your mouth at once. Americans may talk with their mouth full, but not when its extremely full, but Europeans will consider this offensive.

Westerners do not like other people's hands, and germs coming in contact with their food. Always wash hands before making an American food and don't try it and put your hands or silverware back in or they will be very freaked out. Make sure no silverware that has touched your mouth or has touched any food you have bitten goes into a communal dish.

If you work in America, be very nice and friendly to customers no matter what ridiculous things they may want or how rude they are to you. This is just considered customer service.
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