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There are 2 places that I used to go to; Kyobo and Samsung downtown.
I know the one bookstore downtown - kind of next to Macdonalds - which one is that, Kyobo or Samsung? And where is the other one? TIA
That one is neither Kyobo or Samsung.

Kyobo bookstore is further west of time world, probably about 2Km away. Its in a big brown building called Kyobo Saeng Myeong

You can get to the Samsung building from the underground and it too is further west of time world. And its name is Samsung Saeng Myeong. (Im pretty sure Saeng Myeong means Insurance).

I havent been to that one in a while but its always packed when i go there so im sure they still have some English books. they also have teaching material as well.
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