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Default Re: long hair/mane

OK. I got it.
Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.
I've learned the difference.

It is the completely same thing as in Japanese-language, you know?
In Japanese language, we just use the different two words which are equivalent to "hair" and "mane". In our cases, kids under 5 year old usually use "long hair" to describe the lion's mane. Kids learn "mane" equivalent words during their elementary school. I don't think junior high school students don't say "long hair" any more. If a person of 18 years old said "lion's long hair", it would become weird or uneducated.

BTW, when I speak English-As-the-Second-Language, I have to choose this kind of "alternatives" which is not interchangeable in a true sense. Because I don't know the word like "mane", which seems very advanced vocabulary to me.

If a foreigner who are learning basic or intermediate Japanese language says "long hair"-equivalent-Japanese word, I can well understand. I don't expect him to speak "mane"-equivalent word.

So I wonder, for example, in TOEIC (test of English as international communication), the description like "a male lion has a long hair" would be correct answer or not ?????
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