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Quote little sage

Do you know if it's it easy to find ESL jobs in Quebec? I'm thinking of moving there when I finish working in Korea. I love winter.
Yes! It is really easy to find ESL jobs here in Quebec! They are having trouble finding ESL teachers! So much trouble that they are even asking University students that are studying to be ESL teachers, and getting them to teach before they get their diploma! Many of them stop studying, or continue part time. Also, many of those who do teach ESL have trouble pronouncing english, especially in College ESL.

Also, since this school year, there are ESL classes for grades 1 and 2 now (which we didnn't have before) !! = More jobs!

And, if you love winter.. you'll love it here because it is winter almost half of the year!! (I'm exagerating but it IS pretty cold most of the time !!!)

Eric: I live in Shawinigan... in the Region of La Mauricie. For you honeymoon, did you visit anything interesting?? What did you like the best? Did you come in winter or summer...??
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