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Default Adult weaker student

Hi everyone,
I have an issue with an adult student who is the weakest in the group and becoming even worse because of some personal issues rather than a learning disability whatever.
She started with giving up at the placement test saying she can't do a single item although she had studied English before. So she joined a Beginner group. She carried on translating every word into L1. She said she needed it for confidence. So we had an awareness discussion, so everybody agreed to reduce L1 in class. Then she started having more difficulties with pronunciation, so I focused on drilling more, which helped. Then grammar problems began. I gave her extra homework on that.
She doesn't actually do any homework, but she pretends to, and she obviously expects everything to sort out on its own in class. It doesn't, cause I'm pretty tired of "what does *** mean?" when *** is supposed to be active vocab. She is really stressed when I'm eliciting sth from others and says "Why do they know it? What did I miss?" I am worried, and so is she. She keeps on saying she can't do anything and she's not as good as everybody else in the group. I feel like it's going to be a "bad teacher" issue with me. Please tell me what I can do before it becomes really bad.
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