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Default Re: Adult weaker student

Hi arielhud,

Thanks for the reply.
I'm happy to provide more info on the student and hope it helps. She's a 30 y.o. Russian single girl and she's interested in working abroad. She made it clear at the beginning that she was highly motivated in learning and interested in a good result, ready to work hard bla-bla-bla.
Now she's not working. I can't ignore this because of that "bad teacher" issue with me, and there's one more reason. It's a group of four, and everybody else is doing much better. So, skipping homework is an option for them, but not for her. In pairwork she doesn't do well and this stops the other learner too. I've tried getting the others in a group of three and myself in a pair with her, but this way I can't monitor the others properly. I don't think this is fair to them.
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