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Default Re: Adult weaker student

It does sound like a problem.

My suggestion is to first, not praise her too much when she does her homework, if this results in her not doing it the next time.

The next thing you could do is have her with stronger students when there's pair work to be done. I know she doesn't like this, and it might slow the others down (or rather seem like it), but this can actually be beneficial to the stronger student- the best way to process complicated information is to try and teach it to someone else. So long as the other students in her class are helpful people, this shouldn't be a problem.

I would suggest also having a 5-10 break during one class just to chat with them all (read: her, but not singling her out) on the benefits of doing homework regularly, just to remind them that simply coming to class won't be enough to improve on its own.

Finally, if you're really worried about this "bad teacher" thing in terms of administration (rather than for self-confidence in teaching) then I would mention this to your supervisor, if they are approachable about this kind of thing. It's better for your supervisor if they have a heads up to issues occurring in the classroom- I know that when I mention things to my boss, he does his best to talk to the customers and have them improve on something, or at the very least, defends me if a customer does complain. I don't know how your work environment is though....

Anyway, hope that helps... it sounds like she really just needs to do her HW consistently, but this is an obvious thing. Maybe introduce pop tests that use examples straight from the HW to get her motivated...
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