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Default I my me mine

It's I-my-me-mine time again at the JHS here in Japan.

Do people in other areas teach kids to remember pronouns like this? Just chanting over and over again.

I my me mine,
You your you yours,
he his him his,
she her her hers
it its it
Ken Ken's Ken Ken's
we our us ours
you your you yours,
they their them theirs

Given the ball to run with, I tech them as separate groups (my, your, her, his ...) and later (me, you, her, him ...) It just seems so confusing to try and memorize the chart in the chant method. By confusing, I'm talking about translating that chant into actual language when needed. Many of them can't remember what the order actually means. "he-his-him-his but which one do I use?"

Anyway, I'm wondering if people teaching in other places do this. If so, do you see the benefit of it? If so, help me to see it.
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