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Default Re: Fun Activities- Present Simple vs Continuous

The activity I usually use is asking them to describe the sequence of daily activities from when they get up in the morning to when they go to bed. When they each know how to describe their daily activities bring in a clock and play the following game:
It should be a clock you can play with the hands freely. First ask the most brilliant of your students to present his / her daily sequence of activities in front of the rest of the class. Ask the rest to listen carefully and take down notes.
Next step: The presenter goes out.
Then you announce: Mary (The presenter) is in her house now, it's 7.30AM what is she doing?
Answer: She is brushing her teeth for example depending on what she had on her presentation. Students have to use their notes to answer the questions in the present continuous tense while your role is just to manipulate the hands of the clock.
The student with the best answers according to Mary's presentation earns the privilege to go out for some fresh air after making his or her presentation while the others continue to struggle with taking notes.
This activity will help them practice the simple tense, the present continuous tense, telling the time and lots of action verbs.
The game, when well understood in a class can easily be modified to teach the simple past tenses too.
All the best.
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