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Default Re: I'm fine, thank you.

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I tell other teachers (Japanese) that we don't usually complain or whine in greetings. It sounds very unnatural to me. I tell them we're not really asking about right now. It's more of a overall question. Complaining out right just seems too much to me for a greeting (among close friends/family maybe.)
that's true, i think its very unnatural to unload your deepest feelings on a stranger. a family member or a close friend is different, though.

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doesn't "I'm fine" sound like they're not fine? To me when I hear it, it sounds more like I shouldn't have asked. Sorry to have bothered you with my hello.
i guess it comes down to intonation and body language. but its not the most positive response you can give someone, thats for sure.(reminds me of my dating days )
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