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Wink Re: give me some advice to encourage Ss to remember words

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hi there,
I'm teaching Ss at age of 12-14 years old. The class period is about 40 minutes every day. They like to speak english but dislike keeping vocabulary in mind . Can anybody give me some advice to encourage Ss to remember words . Many thanks!
Try Backs to the Board. Depending on the number of sts. Write your words randomly on the board. Divide the class into two teams. I have the teams in a circle. Select one person from each team to stand up and have their back facing the board. Then advise that you will circle a word for e.g. team A with a different boardmarker and for team B you will circle a different word with a different coloured boardmarker. The competition in on! and the team memebers have to explain the word circled for their team without mentioning the word. I award 5 points for each word that is used correctly in a sentence and 1 point for the word that is finally worked out. Be warned, keep your ears open to both teams descriptions and stop any cheating, e.g. breaking up the word into syllabuls and it sounds like... ect. Good Luck
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