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Default Re: Regional Capital ???

It's one of those expressions that isn't really translatable - I think you come as close as is possible with your suggestions.

Now - how about "giunta" and "assessore" ? For those of you who don't speak Italian : in Italy the local councils are elected, as in Britain. The Mayor (or President at a Provincial or Regional level) is also elected. but s/he then forms a "giunta" of "assessori" - a sort of cabinet of ministers with special responsibilities. These people are not elected and do not come from the Council - the jobs are usually shared out between the political parties which make up the governing coalition. What would you call them in English ? In Britain the post exists but the holders have to come from the Council, so they're just Councillors. I've discarded cabinet and ministers as it would only be used at national level. I've toyed with Commission and Commissioners, but that to me sounds specifically EU. I've ended up with Executive Committee and Executive Committee Member - but what a mouthful. Any ideas? Or is there anything similar in the States?
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